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County of Los Angeles County Counsel August 28th 2017
648 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
Los Angeles CA 90012

I am writing as to the violations of our rights at the meeting of the LASD Civilian Oversight Committee on August 24th, 2017.

I attended this meeting, held at the Federal Courthouse in Pasadena.
The following actions took place that violated the law and the rights of attendees.
#1. The Federal Courthouse requires current photo ID to enter. That is NOT the law it is their 'rule". In this aspect as this was for a public meeting, this 'law' blocked people from entering who lacked or chose to NOT show an ID to attend a public meeting ( people are already reluctant to speak out for fear of retaliation and this would have a significantly 'chilling effect".
#2. We were not allowed to bring any 'materials' into the building. I am not suggesting that any be allowed to just erect displays in the meeting. Our First Amendment right is to hold up signs and leave or pass out flyers (w/o disrupting the meeting). These actions were prohibited.  I was able to go place mine in my truck, had I taken public transit, there was no option for those people other than to leave them outside to be lost/discarded or to leave, ( which people did, they left).
#3. The security rule prohibiting the  possession of cameras in the building. I am aware that CA law does not allow filming in Courthouses and that the Courts have said this does not violate the 1st Amendment. This was a building, housing a public meeting on this occasion, it may also have been a Courthouse, but the right to video a public meeting means that either the meeting was a violation of the law by holding it in a courthouse or for the purposes of the meeting, the building was not functioning as a courthouse. The fact that a public meeting was held there takes precedence over what it is used for at other times. I chose not to press the matter with the security people and put my camera in my truck as the other gentleman who did not "cooperate", who asserted his right to film a public meeting, was arrested, handcuffed for an hour, cited and not allowed into the building or meeting.  This is beyond an outrageous action, as we are at a public meeting to address the abuses and are subject to abuses to attempt to attend the meeting!

 We are expecting that this will be addressed and people will be held accountable. We should not have to retain attorneys to stop the abuse and have our rights respected yet likely it will come to that as the County and Federal Officials refuse to deliver us form their injustice. I am sending this letter to the presiding judge, the US AG; the State AG the County Council and Board of Supervisors and others.

Bruce Boyer]
321 No. Maclay Ave. #D
San Fernando CA 91340


Bruce Boyer, Agoura Hills, Chief Instigator,  SonsofLibertyLA

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