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Why “checkpoints’  are a violation of our 4th Amendment rights:
By Bruce Boyer Sons of Liberty LA                                                                                         7-12-13

Our rights as enumerated, spelled out, in our Bill of Rights, acknowledge and affirm our right to not be subject to “unreasonable searches”. This is a key component of our 4th Amendment. It is clear and of course repeatedly judicially affirmed that a ‘traffic stop” is a ‘search’ and an officer must therefore have “probable cause” to make one. An officer cannot make a traffic stop without “Probable Cause”, otherwise it is arbitrary, and therefore ‘unreasonable’.  So if you are “driving down the road” and an officer does not have “probable cause”, how does “driving down the road” where they have set up a ‘check-point’ give them “probable cause”?  The answer of course is that it does not.  If someone suggests it does, then could they set up checkpoints on two, ten or every road?

If one takes the line of thinking that checkpoints will apprehend more wrong-doers, that is most likely true. We are a nation of rights and liberties not to apprehend and punish more criminals, but to protect those who are not criminals from abuse. Without question the police could arrest more criminals if they did not need search warrants, they could get more confessions if they were allowed to force them, and they would surely get more convictions if they were not burdened with the need to produce witnesses, deal with defense attorneys or have judges and juries ‘interfere’. Fortunately we are protected, by our Civil Rights. If we have no rights, are we not then slaves? The mission of the LA Sheriff’s Dept, as they state it, is to “defend the rights of the citizens”, so then why are they violating them?

Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator