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Bruce Boyer’s campaign for Ventura County Sheriff.           Press Release of 2-22-2018 

As a candidate for Ventura County Sheriff; Bruce Boyer submitted all the documentation required including a declaration as to “qualification” as required by the CA Election Code 13.5 (a) (1) and paid the $2,825 filing fee, receipt issued and was sworn in, taking the Oath of Office (as a candidate) on Feb 22nd 2018. All nominating signatures were submitted and we await their confirmation.

Boyer is running as a Patriot, a Constitutional Sheriff. As a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, CSPOA, Boyer will honor his Oath of Office to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The primary focus of the campaign is that the actions of the State Legislature and Gov. Brown to pass SB54 to declare that CA is a Sanctuary State; is rebellion. SB54 is multifaceted in prohibiting private citizens from cooperating with ICE and makes it a crime for a Law Enforcement Officer to cooperate with ICE. The 58 elected Sheriffs of CA are all either complying with the SB54 rebellion of refusing to publicly stand against the rebels. They are either supporters of the rebellion or unwilling to risk prosecution, imprisonment, loss of their badge, career and pension to defend our Constitution. The VC Sheriff’s Dept’s participation in and complete support of the rebellion makes the Dept. one of rebels.
Prior to SB 54 the VCSD had a sanctuary policy in effect, turning over less than one percent of the Illegal Aliens it took into custody on other criminal charges to ICE. Since the Passage of SB54 they are in FULL Compliance. The deputies may not all support it, but they have no say, they have to just shut up and do as they are told,or quit. The Sheriff, Mr. G. Dean makes the decisions. He, his staff and his endorsed successor for the Office all support the rebellion. They are all rebels.
As Sheriff, Bruce Boyer will NOT comply with SB54. He will turn over ALL Illegals to ICE. He will work with the Secretary of State to identify and arrest Illegals that are voting. The issuance of the AB 60 CA driver’s license to a person provides probable cause as to their being an Illegal Alien. All persons that the Sheriff’s Dept. has probable cause to believe are Illegal Aliens will be arrested and ICE will determine their status, detaining as ICE directs.

The Sanctuary State Rebellion is extremely unpopular with the people of Ventura County, and if given the choice, they will elect a Constitutional Sheriff to end the Sanctuary State and defeat the rebels. chainsaw to the obscene salaries of the VCSD; restore our Constitutional rights and liberties; end the enforcement of laws as to victimless crimes; support the citizens’ right to be armed; investigate and end the trafficking in slaves and of human body parts; end the unwinnable drug-war
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